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    Thursday, December 22, 2016   /   by Mark Good

    National Shortage of homes for sale

    In Northeast  Florida we are seeing what the article talks about - not enough homes on the market for the buyers.
    In December 2016 I had two buyers who have not been able to find anything to buy in their price range.
    This is the perfect perscription for continued increasing prices.  You just have to get on the train so to speak
    otherwise you will pay more later or not purchase at all.

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    Wednesday, December 21, 2016   /   by Mark Good

    A Fantastic Experience at Harvard Program On Negotiation in Dec 2016

    In order to get the best training possible on negotiation I decided to attend a four day program at Harvard's Law School Program on Negotiation.  I had attended ten days on negotiation for Realtors over the last five years but that was nothing close to the intense program that Harvard offers.  The first three days were NEGOTIATION AND LEADERSHIP taught by six professors most who have written books and practiced their skills with world leaders in many countries that are in the news.    Most of the breaks and lunch on the final day were spent preparing for the negotiation roles plays that we did back in class.  Over fifty of the 160 people in class were from foreign countries so we were practicing with people that held important positions in their field.  Two of the attendees I met were judges.

    The forth day was called GETTING TO YES WITH YOURSELF which was an in depth examination of the emotions that occur in real life negotiations.  One of my table ...

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